As one of the fastest rising independent fashion brands, BELIEVE by tuula rossi has quickly become a strong and unique collection of quality clothing. Offering a continuously updated selection of beautiful and stylish jackets and accessories, it’s a perfect fit for today’s fashionable women.

Tuula Rossi-Hooijmaijers is an acclaimed fashion designer with a solid professional resume and over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry. She has been working as a freelancer for some of the most interesting and powerful fashion houses of Finland. She had always dreamed of creating her own fashion collection, built from her personal values and experiences in life.

While she was travelling through the UK, she read an article about young entrepreneurs who created their own successful companies, all by themselves. Within these success stories, she noticed a red line connecting all of them; each one of them pointed out that even if you have nothing and you are alone with your own ideas, you will make your dreams come true if you just BELIEVE in them. It was that moment when the name of her own brand was born. And when the front page headline of next morning newspaper displayed the same big word in giant lettering, it was really the confirmation that night before, she had made the perfect decision of her own fashion brand name: BELIEVE.

BELIEVE by tuula rossi displays this way of thinking. Things in life always happen for a reason, and your clothing should be a testimony of that. The items are a combination of Tuula’s personal view on life itself, and her many years of experience in the industry to create the best selection of coordinated clothing. Modern, feminine and fashionable looks are only a few of the qualities all the products of this brand have. The jackets are very light, water-resistant, comfortable and easy to wear, with each item having itsown simple but special details, giving them a timeless style. All the jackets are made of first-rate materials and manufactured according to high-quality standards in the European Union. To finish off your look, an exclusive selection of fitting handbags is made specifically to compliment the style of the jackets.

Tuula’s message is simple: believe in what you do, do it with passion and you will truly enjoy life and find your happiness. Let your fashion speak up as an example of this: BELIEVE by tuula rossi!