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Celia Snow White Hooded Quilted Jacket


Exclusive CELIA Snow White jacket in Mini Stripe quilt is modern and sporty. The luxurious Snow White is eye-catching, chic colour and don’t be afraid; it is machine washable at home. CELIA jacket has a very beautiful feminine fitting flattering your body and it is a perfect choice for easy going and relaxed timeless look. When you walk through the city or travel by car or plane for example, this jacket is the perfect choice for every day luxury. The CELIA jacket’s lovely zipper fastens at the side. The hood is adjustable with elastic drawstring. This jacket is designed to fit perfectly on every woman and looks great in all sizes!.

Fashion is part of everyday life and it’s constantly changing. This jacket is timeless and thanks to high-quality materials, you can enjoy this jacket for long time!

CELIA Mini Stripe Quilted Jacket sleeve length is slightly longer than usual. Elastic cuffs guarantee the perfect length for everyone.

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