The Company

Designstudio Tuula Rossi Oy /
Business ID 0881912-5

The contact person: Tuula Rossi-Hooijmaijers

Rautalammintie 14
77600 Suonenjoki, Finland
Phone: +358 40 50 71 999


EU Support for BELIEVE by tuula rossi

BELIEVE by tuula rossi has received EU support. We believe that this project will help us achieve these goals and promote the growth of our company.

We are grateful for the support granted by the EU. This support provides us with the necessary resources to implement the project and helps us achieve our goals.


Project Name

Exploring the initiation of export activities after the covid shutdown


Project Objective

The aim of the project is to help our company recover from the shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and strengthen our position in the international market. The specific objective of this project is to improve growth and competitiveness and expand marketing to the United States.


Amount of Support

A grant of up to 33,063 euros in total is awarded.