Carola Black Quilted Vest with side zippers

$ 679,00

CAROLA vest is the stylish choice to start the autumn. You can wear it over a little jacket or pullover. Carola has stunning and fashionable look. The vest is made of modern and eye-catching ball quilt. This outstanding long over-the-knee vest looks sporty and stylish on every woman. Gorgeous CAROLA vest brings the luxury to your everyday life. Hidden zippers at the side seams open for sophisticated slits. Two way silver colour zippers for pockets and front opening are luxurious.

CAROLA vest has great feminine fitting and is designed to fit perfectly, the shape is flattering your body in all sizes!

Look so good on the outside, it will make you feel good inside! This is your feelgood vest!

Black fur hood is a stunning add on to complete your look!

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